Presentation : 

Chiptune is a blind-test, it means that it’s a quizz where participants must recognize musics. But in Chiptune, there is only video-games’s musics, picked with some criterias. The game can be played by until 4 players or teams.

The musics to guess are slip in rooms. In each of them, the player (or players) will have to identify the music, and be able to give informations like the name of the music, the name of the game it comes from, etc… Each information gived add points. It’s possible to use a hint. When they validate their answers, players can then see a board with a short text about the music in the room, with pictures to illustrate this text. Technicals terms are explains with little interactive annotations.

This way, Chiptune is meant to fans of video-games’s musics, who will find in Chiptune a nice challenge; or to total novice, who will be able to discover this great universe.

Screenshots :

Pictures aren’t definitive.



Features :

  • a blind-test on video games’s musics playable up to 4 players or 4 teams
  • the most beautiful and the mythicest musics in the history of video games
  • a lot of explanations about musics in the game
  • many adjustable options
  • very beautiful graphics
  • a cute mascot (how that, “nobody cares” ?)

About the author :


Fledered is an anonymous indie game creator. Chiptune is his third game. He hope you will enjoy it !


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